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Death toll rises in West Virginia floods

Death toll rises in West Virginia floods

At least 24 have been reported dead after heavy rainfall led to massive flooding, mudslides and landslides in the US state of West Virginia. The governor has called it the worst flooding in a century.  US President Barack Obama declared a major disaster for the state on Saturday and approved federal aid to three of the worst-hit counties. The aid for affected individuals in Kanawha, Greenbrier and Nicholas counties provides assistance for immediate needs such as medical support and emergency housing…


Architecture of the Future Might Be Inflatable Skyscrapers


Nowadays, there is a group of people who are out of the society, because of living in remote areas but transportation is not convenient. So they are gradually isolated from the world. Poor medical and traffic standards result in the reduction of local population. Located in the central area of North Guangxi Rongshui County, the area is 50 kilometers long and 30-35 km wide, with general height of 1500 meters. The Mount Yuanbaoshan is 2081meters above sea level and it is the third highest mountain in Guangxi province. In this valley, people who live in poverty are difficult to communicate with the outside world. In recent years, natural disasters have become worse, and it takes too long time to escape from the town. So when the nature disaster come or the people get sick, they are sentenced to death , so we have to solve the problem…


On the long road to resilience

Save the date of July 6 for the Road to Resilience workshop, to be held at the Nuriootpa Soldiers Memorial Hall for women in the Pinery fire area.  The Government of South Australia is holding the event in association with Tourism Barossa. It will hear inspiring stories of resilience, and will talk about resilient strategies that can be learned…



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