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Are you prepared? The importance of disaster recovery and business continuity.

Natural disasters take toll on schools and children around Asian region

A greater humanitarian focus on schools before, during and after natural disasters will save lives, protect children and benefit communities and countries, Save the Children says in a report due out this week.  The report details the impact on education of earthquakes, floods and storms that struck Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vanuatu last year.  Researchers estimate the lives of 200 million children per year will be severely disrupted by disasters in coming decades…


Are you prepared?  The importance of disaster recovery and business continuity.

  are you prepared

Perceived and unforeseen threats to operations are a continual concern to business owners. This shows how disaster recovery and business continuity planning need to form an integral part of the overall risk management plan for an organisation.  In the event of a disaster, the continued operations of a company depend on the ability for the business to replicate its IT systems and data. Disaster recovery portrays all the steps involved in planning for and adapting to a potential disaster with a plan in place which will restore operations while minimising the long-term negative impact on the company…


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