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Instagrammer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Paris Under Water. And more…

Instagrammer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Paris Under Water

Last weekend, Paris suffered one of its greatest natural disasters in 30 years. The Seine River, which runs through the north of France and cuts through the heart of Paris, flooded 13 feet above its normal level last Saturday. And despite the destruction it caused to the city, one woman managed to capture beauty in the chaos…


Indian power plants responsible for heatwave in Pakistan: NDMA

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The coal-powered power plants in India are responsible for intense summers and heatwaves in Pakistan, said Ahmed Kamal of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Kamal who is also representative of the NDMA at the Prime Minister House made these comments while speaking exclusively to ARY News. He said that India was producing 9000 MW electricity from coal powered power plants on the northern border with Pakistan. This has led to faster melting of glaciers in the northern areas of Pakistan which was responsible for increasing heat wave in lower level areas of the country. He said that research has shown that dark coal such as the one used by India was a severe pollutant which not only affects the glacier but the emissions were responsible for climate change in the country. He said that Pakistan was speaking to India through diplomatic channels over the issue…


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