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Climate Change Played a Role in Paris Floods, Report Says. And more…

Climate Change Played a Role in Paris Floods, Report Says

From Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower the Seine River overflowed.

From Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower the Seine River overflowed.

Scientists are getting better at understanding the link between climate change and extreme weather. Climate change contributed significantly to the likelihood of the flooding that inundated Paris and other European cities at the end of last month, according to a new analysis. The research, conducted by scientists in the World Weather Attribution (WWA) partnership, found that the likelihood of a three-day extreme rainfall event had increased by 90% along…


Say goodbye to El Niño, and a wary hello to La Niña

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to come right out with it. I hope you’re sitting down. El Niño is dead, having slipped into a coma about a month ago, it was taken off life support by the Climate Prediction Center on Thursday. I know you had grown used to us in the media citing El Niño as one of the weirdest weather events, and using this GIF, but we’re going to have to put this back in digital storage for a while, until the next El Niño emerges in about five to seven years…


In Fort McMurray, let’s build resilience, rather than a repeat disaster

Glenn McGillivray is managing director of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. With the Fort McMurray wildfire, Canada has hit the big time. The size of the event and the amount of insured damage caused may put it up there with some of the large flood and moderate hurricane and earthquake losses in the international re-insurance industry’s top 50 costliest natural catastrophes. The event will likely be greater than the current costliest and second costliest insured losses in Canadian history combined: the 2013 Alberta flood and…


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