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Sydney wipeout: Residents evacuated. Climate Change Does Have A Face. And more…

Climate Change Does Have A Face, We Just Need To Open Our Eyes

Science tells us that the world is warming to dangerous levels, but we fail to imagine it, we fail to give it a face.

Science tells us that the world is warming to dangerous levels, but we fail to imagine it, we fail to give it a face.

As floods consume Paris, in Ethiopia the wind is again blowing dust into the sky. El Nino has dealt the country a vicious blow, with more than 10 million people now requiring food assistance. It is not only in Ethiopia. The strongest El Nino in more than 50 years, triggering severe droughts and floods, has cut a devastating swathe through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Angola, Lesotho, Tanzania, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo. The UN predicts that food will start running out on a large scale by next month (July), while the World Food Programme predicts that by Christmas, 50 million people in southern Africa will need food support, with tens of millions more people facing food and water shortages in Asia, Latin America and the Pacific regions. Millions of children face malnutrition and disease…


Sydney wipeout: Residents evacuated, coastlines eroded as wild storms hit NSW

Residents were being evacuated from low-lying areas around Sydney on Sunday night and huge seas were threatening to engulf coastal homes as wild storms battered the state for a second day. From Lismore in the north to Wollongong in the south, streets and homes were flooded as torrential rain from an east coast low dumped about 150 millimetres in Sydney over the weekend and wind gusts of up to 120km/h brought down power lines and trees and lifted roofs…


US offers relief, long-term disaster resilience for Sri Lanka

The United States is giving $50,000 in immediate disaster relief supplies and a million dollar program to boost disaster-resilient water supplies to vulnerable communities as Sri Lanka saw hundreds of thousands made homeless in the worst floods seen in years.   The US embassy in Colombo said the USAID office of Disaster Assistance is advancing a Rs144 million ($1 million) program to provide safe, disaster-resilient drinking water to populations who are vulnerable to flooding and droughts…


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