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How do I build brand resilience? Disaster levy. And more…

On the Campaign couch: How do I build brand resilience?

Rachel Eyre, head of marketing propositions at Sainsbury’s, writes: What does resilience mean to you, and can it be built? I’m taking resilience to mean the ability to withstand, and then recover from, a serious setback; in either fortune or reputation or both. I hope that’s what you had in mind. I’m not sure whether you’re interested in personal resilience or brand resilience but, as they have much in common, perhaps it doesn’t matter. Let’s take personal first. Someone you know features in a seedy, well-publicised court case. How you (and other friends) respond depends almost entirely on what you thought you knew about this character before the alleged incident took place. You either say: “Ha! I always knew that Jason had it coming.” Or you say: “That doesn’t sound a bit like Jason to me. Someone must have stitched him up.” Jason’s ability to bounce back – or, more probably, clamber back – will in large part be determined by his actions, and inactions, stretching back for years. Just one unsavoury episode, remember…


Disaster levy? Wildfires spark renewed calls for Alberta consumption tax


With wildfires burning across Alberta and Fort McMurray preparing for a massive rebuild, the province faces billions in new spending — for everything from mental health counselling to loaded debit cards — that will take a heavy toll on government finances. In some circles, the extraordinary events of this hot, dry spring have underscored the need for a long-term reliable revenue source…



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