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Cyclone Roanu. World Cities “Woefully Unprepared” for Climate Change-Induced Risks. And more…

Cyclone Roanu: Half a million flee in Bangladesh

The storm has weakened but rains are continuing

The storm has weakened but rains are continuing

It made landfall at noon local time (06:00 GMT) on Saturday, causing floods, landslides and submerging homes. The storm system has since weakened but heavy rainfall is continuing. Low-lying Bangladesh is especially vulnerable to flooding and has seen frequent deadly cyclones. The authorities took over 500,000 people into shelters as Roanu hit. Among those who died were a mother and daughter who were killed in a landslide in southern Chittagong district, which bore the brunt of the storm, AFP reported….


World’s Cities “Woefully Unprepared” for Climate Change-Induced Risks, World Bank Says

As the impact of natural disasters continues to worsen, a new report says that the world is unprepared to handle the projected consequences of climate change-induced risks. In the report, titled “The Making of a Riskier Future: How Our Decisions are Shaping the Future of Disaster Risk,” the World Bank calls for a radical new approach to assessing risk. “With climate change and rising numbers of people in urban areas rapidly driving up future risks, there’s a real danger the world is woefully unprepared for what lies ahead,” said World Bank Group senior director for climate change John Roome in a release. “Unless we change our approach to future planning for cities and coastal areas that take into account potential disasters, we run the real risk of locking in decisions that will lead to drastic increases in future losses.“ According to the study, most disaster risk today is static, focusing only on understanding what we currently face in terms of danger. It states that a shift toward dynamic risk assessments needs to be made in order to reveal the drivers of risks and the effectiveness of policies focused on reducing them…



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