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We Finally Know Why This El Niño Was Such a Monster. Alberta wildfire out of control. And more

We Finally Know Why This El Niño Was Such a Monster

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The strongest El Niño ever seen is finally gone. But before it left it had plenty to throw at us: Storms, droughts, blackouts, thousands of pounds of dead fish. And we finally know just what it was that made El Niño so furious.  Researchers know a lot about how El Niño works once it starts up. But why a particular one either throws down storm upon storm or simple fizzles into the ocean with barely a whimper has been a mystery. A new paper out from NOAA researchers Aaron Levine and Michael McPhaden in Geophysical Research Letters finally has an answer for us on what happened to kick this particular El Niño into such a high gear. And it turns out…


Alberta wildfire out of control: 1,370 square miles torched, and counting

Well over 1,700 firefighters are trying to get a grip on the blaze, which started May 1 near Fort McMurray.  But as of Wednesday, the fire is still 0% contained, the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry department said.  Even worse: The blaze is marching east toward Saskatchewan and will likely reach the province Wednesday, Alberta wildfire official Chad Morrison said.  Also near the path: major oil sands used to process bitumen, CNN partner CBC reported.  The inferno could actually burn through the winter and into next year, University of Alberta wildfire professor MIke Flannigan said…



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