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These Are The Biggest Threats To The Future Of Humanity. Mainstreaming disaster management. And more

These Are The Biggest Threats To The Future Of Humanity


What is likely to be the biggest threat to humans over the next few years? Super volcanoes, artificial intelligence, or global pandemics? Well, according to the new Global Catastrophic Risks report published this week, it seems that we might well have to be prepared for all these things, with an asteroid impact, nuclear war, and climate change thrown in for good measure. Compiled by researchers at Oxford University, the report details threats that could wipe out at least 10 percent of the global human population, which we might face over the next five years. They break the threats down into two categories: those which are ongoing and could happen at any point, and those that may be unlikely today, but may become more significant in the future…


Mainstreaming disaster management

Disasters often strike without warning and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Yet armed with the right tools, the chances of getting through the toughest circumstances are improved. Here, we look at some of the deadly hazards we’ve been exposed to, and how standards can help us to prepare for, and react in, many of life’s most unpredictable scenarios…



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