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Language and earthquakes: Insights in disaster response. City resilience strategy. And more

Boulder Unveils ‘Resilience Strategy’ To Plan For Natural Disasters

City of Boulder officials are taking a unique approach to planning for future natural disasters and challenges. The city unveiled its first-ever resilience strategy Thursday. The document builds off wildfire and flood plans to show how hazards are interlinked—and how they impact businesses and low-income people. Boulder’s Chief Resilience Officer Greg Guibert said the strategy includes 15 actions…


Language and earthquakes: Insights in disaster response


The April 2015 Nepal earthquakes caused massive damage. Aid organizations responded to flattened villages, medical emergencies, and food and water shortages. But the 7.8 magnitude quake and aftershocks also traumatized and disrupted the country’s cultures and communities. These elements are harder to see, but play an important role in disaster recovery…


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