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How to Move From Cyber Risk to Business Resilience. And more

How to Move From Cyber Risk to Business Resilience


Yet again, cyber attacks are the banking industry’s top target – and this was emphasised at this year’s SWIFT Business Forum where industry professionals came together to discuss the challenges that the traditional financial sector is facing. With trust being such a fundamental part of most of our lives now, financial institutions need technology to be secure and reliable, as well as ready for when an attack might occur. However, with the ever changing and adaptive characteristics of hackers, it is difficult for banks to manage day to day demands and build defences that work…


Companies that effectively balance risk agility and risk resilience are destined for long-term growth, says PwC

Risk agility has the ability to maximize growth in the near-term, but aligning agility with risk resiliency will give companies the greatest competitive edge in the long-term, according to a new study from PwC US entitled, Risk in review: Going the distance. Based on a survey of nearly 1,700 participants, the findings are made up of responses from senior executives, board members, and risk professionals from across 23 industry segments, including one-on-one interviews. “Companies today that leverage risk management as both an offensive and defensive tactic are leading the way in maintaining long-term success,” said Dean Simone, leader of PwC’s U.S. Risk Assurance practice. “Finding that right median will come differently to companies and industries across the board, but the key is to strike a balance that allows for growth at a comfortable pace, relevant to the risk appetite and tolerance levels set by management…



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