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How to be resilient: 10 life hacks to help you beat stress. And more.

Scientists want to use nanobots to suck pollutants from the ocean

ocean bot

ocean bot – to suck pollutants from ocean

Swarms of graphene-coated nanobots could be our best hope yet of cleaning up the murky oceans, with scientists demonstrating that new microscopic underwater warriors can remove up to 95% of lead in wastewater in just 1 hour…


How to be resilient: 10 life hacks to help you beat stress

Modern women are, we’re often told, stressed. We’re engaged in a juggling act: still shouldering the majority of the domestic responsibilities, while trying to hold down careers. Even when it comes to our mental health, we can’t escape the gender gap. Studies – such as that done by Oxford University in 2013 – say the stress we’re put under as a consequence, could be why women experience more mental health problems than men. National mental health surveys show that psychological…



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