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La Niña is officially coming

La Niña is officially coming – so how will it affect weather patterns?

la nina

We’re officially on a La Niña watch. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Thursday that it has initiated its La Niña watch after new predictions suggest it could be here as early as this fall. If it does materialize, the La Niña weather pattern would be coming on the heels of a particularly record-breaking El Niño, which NOAA forecasts will end this summer. While El Niños are marked by abnormally warm sea-surface temperatures, La Niñas are marked by abnormally cooler sea-surface temperatures. Those cooler sea-surface temperatures also tend to reduce something called wind shear, a phenomenon that occurs when winds change their speed and direction over short distances…


NY mayor lauds Sikh community’s resilience against hate crimes

Against the backdrop of growing incidents of hate crime against the Sikhs here, a New York City Mayor has lauded the community’s resilience in overcoming challenges of discrimination and making the US “vibrant”. I have admired all of the South Asian communities in the city for the crucial role in making New York City vibrant. The Sikh community for me has been a revelation, becoming close to this community and friends with this community and getting to know the glory of the Sikh culture and history,” Bill De Blasio said at an event here on Thursday…


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