Berkeley first city in region to develop resilience strategy. And more…

Berkeley first city in region to develop resilience strategy


City of Berkeley officials released an ambitious plan aimed at helping the city tackle numerous important issues, including natural disasters, climate change and racial, social and economic inequities. The city’s 59-page “Resilience Strategy” calls for the creation of six community resilience centers where underserved neighborhoods can receive training, supplies and other resources to better prepare for and recover from disasters…


Child survivors of Nepal earthquake ‘being sold’ in the UK

The home secretary Theresa May has urged police to investigate claims that child survivors of the Nepal earthquake and other vulnerable children are being sold to British families to work as domestic slaves. An investigation by the Sun newspaper suggests that boys and girls as young as 10 are being sold for just £5,300 by black market gangs operating in India’s state of Punjab. The paper says the gangs are preying on the children of Nepalese refugees, as well as destitute Indian families…


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