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Five ways leaders can develop better resilience. And more…

New Findings: Rapid Assessment of Disaster Damage Using Social Media

sandy and social media

The latest peer-reviewed, scientific research on social media & crisis computing has just been published in the prestigious journal, Science. The authors pose a question that many of us in the international humanitarian space have been asking, debating and answering since 2009: Can social media data aid in disaster response and damage assessment?…


Five ways leaders can develop better resilience

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face,” says Mike Tyson. No one would know that better than the former World Heavyweight Champion boxer. Every fighter believes he will win and has a plan to do so, or else he wouldn’t step into the ring. The ones who become champions are the ones who can change the plan, and stay focused on the goal. You need resilience to take the hits and keep moving forward…


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