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Monthly Archives: April, 2016

How to Learn Grit at Any Age

UP launches disaster risk website The University of the Philippines (UP) has launched a website that will serve as an online knowledge hub featuring resources on disaster risk reduction and … Continue reading

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How to Move From Cyber Risk to Business Resilience. And more

How to Move From Cyber Risk to Business Resilience Yet again, cyber attacks are the banking industry’s top target – and this was emphasised at this year’s SWIFT Business Forum … Continue reading

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Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience from an Indigenous Perspective

Disaster Preparedness in Morocco to Receive US$200 Million Boost The World Bank Board of Directors on April 20 approved a US$ 200 million Program for Results operation to support Morocco’s … Continue reading

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How to be resilient: 10 life hacks to help you beat stress. And more.

Scientists want to use nanobots to suck pollutants from the ocean Swarms of graphene-coated nanobots could be our best hope yet of cleaning up the murky oceans, with scientists demonstrating … Continue reading

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Earth’s Temperature Just Shattered the Thermometer

These birth defects might be linked with radiation from the Chernobyl disaster 30 years ago The scientific debate is ongoing over whether congenital birth defects can be linked to radiation … Continue reading

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SPECIAL COVERAGE: Remembering Nepal one year after devastating earthquake

Why Nepal Is Still in Rubble a Year After a Devastating Quake It was a year ago that Ram Giri’s home imploded. The earthquakes that killed nearly 9,000 people in … Continue reading

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In Ecuador, Political Aftershocks. Earthquake on Kyushu island, Japan – in pictures.

Earthquake on Kyushu island, Japan – in pictures Residents in the Kumamoto region of Japan’s south-westerly island awoke to scenes of devastation after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook the area… … Continue reading

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Venezuela announces power cuts over drought

Deloitte to sponsor Abu Dhabi’s annual Business Continuity and Emergency Response Forum To highlight the importance of enabling practical and effective resilience and recovery capabilities for organizations in the Middle … Continue reading

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La Niña is officially coming

La Niña is officially coming – so how will it affect weather patterns? We’re officially on a La Niña watch. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Thursday that … Continue reading

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The world’s 7 strongest earthquakes since 2004

From the Archives 110 years ago today: Images from San Francisco’s devastating 1906 earthquake The 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck on April 18 with an estimated magnitude of 7.8, the … Continue reading

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Ecuador and Japan earthquakes: Are they related?

Ecuador and Japan earthquakes: Are they related? Several million earthquakes occur annually, but most are unnoticed because they’re so small, the U.S. Geologic Survey says. But three recent earthquakes — … Continue reading

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Watch the terrifying moment when a 7.8 earthquake hits rocks a Ecuador supermarket

Ecuador earthquake: Death toll surpasses 400 as rescuers scramble to reach survivors The magnitude-7.8 quake struck the South American nation late on Saturday, shattering hotels and homes along its Pacific … Continue reading

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When disaster strikes, a resilient community stands firm. Role of ADF in national disaster resilience. And more…

When disaster strikes, a resilient community stands firm When a natural disaster like a flood, fire or hurricane hits a community, what factors go into a rapid recovery? What makes … Continue reading

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See the Aftermath of the Japan Earthquakes

See the Aftermath of the Japan Earthquakes Two earthquakes in Japan killed at least 41 people, injured about 1,500 more and left hundreds of thousands without water or electricity…   … Continue reading

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5 Major Earthquakes In 48 Hours. And more…

5 Major Earthquakes In 48 Hours As A Seismologist Warns ‘Catastrophic Mega Earthquakes’ Are Coming Over the past 48 hours, there have been five major earthquakes globally, and one prominent … Continue reading

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Using Gamification to Build Resilience. Qatar the safest country in the world for natural disasters!

Disaster Trauma-Informed Solution Using Gamification to Build Resilience Each year millions of children are disproportionately impacted by disasters disrupting their lives, families, schools and communities; from simple house fires—to the … Continue reading

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JAPAN EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: Second earthquake destroys homes on Japanese island of Kyushu

Second earthquake destroys homes on Japanese island of Kyushu At least two people have died after a second earthquake hit Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital … Continue reading

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Can training help make employees more resilient?

Can training help make employees more resilient? A five-hour educational program can promote resilience among employees facing downsizing and restructuring, according to a study in the April Journal of Occupational … Continue reading

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Reporting on the Resilient City

Private sector hammers out resilience plans An international business group working to reduce the impact of natural and man-made hazards has pledged to ensure that the private sector plays its … Continue reading

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Rwandans At Risk As El Nino Wreaks Havoc. And more…

Rwandans At Risk As El Nino Wreaks Havoc More Rwandans are likely to be victims of the El Nino rains this month as those in high risk zones fail to … Continue reading

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How To Prepare For Natural Disasters Before They Occur? There’s An App For That

How To Prepare For Natural Disasters Before They Occur? There’s An App For That The Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched an app designed to help users prepare for all … Continue reading

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Is your small business prepared for a disaster?

Is your small business prepared for a disaster? As an insurance professional with more than 38 years of experience who has been on the ground many times when catastrophes strike, … Continue reading

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Shelter animals in times of natural disasters. And more…

Insurance Commission, Cebuana advocate disaster resiliency thru micro insurance As easy as loading your cellular phones and as low as P25 per month, people can have another lifeline in times … Continue reading

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GST boosts economic resilience. And more…

GST boosts economic resilience IT has been a year since the Goods and Services Tax was introduced on April 1. One criticism is that GST is the main reason for … Continue reading

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Disaster plans often neglect historic preservation. And more…

Denver study shows disaster plans often neglect historic preservation “A lot of cultural and historic resources worldwide are at risk when natural hazards strike,” said study author Andrew Rumbach, assistant … Continue reading

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Hijacking, funerals, natural disasters? Let’s take a selfie

  Britain’s biggest companies are unprepared for a Brexit Britain’s biggest businesses are overwhelmingly supporting the country staying within the European Union. However, a majority of those companies are also … Continue reading

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Barely a year after Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu struck by strong earthquake. Flash floods kill at least 55 in Pakistan… And more

Vanuatu hit by 6.9 magnitude earthquake A strong earthquake has struck off the south Pacific island of Vanuatu, but authorities said any threat of a tsunamis had mostly passed, and … Continue reading

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Fiji floods: One reported dead, one missing.

Fiji floods: One reported dead, one missing The body of a 70-year-old man was found floating in the Sabeto River this morning, FBC News reported. The broadcaster said the man … Continue reading

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Berkeley first city in region to develop resilience strategy. And more…

Berkeley first city in region to develop resilience strategy City of Berkeley officials released an ambitious plan aimed at helping the city tackle numerous important issues, including natural disasters, climate … Continue reading

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‘Ice Wall’ Is Japan’s Last-Ditch Effort To Contain Fukushima Radiation

‘Ice Wall’ Is Japan’s Last-Ditch Effort To Contain Fukushima Radiation Japanese authorities have activated a large subterranean “ice wall” in a desperate attempt to stop radiation that’s been leaking from … Continue reading

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Fixing the ‘fragmented’ approach to resilience.

Fixing the ‘fragmented’ approach to resilience Resilience has been at the heart of international development discussions in recent years, but competing definitions and sector-based funding streams have hampered implementation, according … Continue reading

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Natural disasters worse for tourism than terror attacks. And more…

Natural disasters worse for tourism than terror attacks Tourist destinations recover from terrorist attacks quicker than they would an environmental disaster, according to travel analysts. In the wake of last … Continue reading

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Five ways leaders can develop better resilience. And more…

New Findings: Rapid Assessment of Disaster Damage Using Social Media The latest peer-reviewed, scientific research on social media & crisis computing has just been published in the prestigious journal, Science. … Continue reading

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