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For IT, climate change means preparing for disaster…and more

For IT, climate change means preparing for disaster


IT managers understand the hazards of heat inside data centers. But what about outside it? Cordell Schachter, the CTO of the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT), who went through Hurricane Sandy in 2012, says climate trends will increasingly impact IT operations. “At one time, you could go through a whole career without facing one of those situations” — something like a Sandy — said Cordell. But he now believes if “you have a career spanning more than a decade” you may see one or two major weather events…


Drought threatens food supply in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe’s ongoing drought, the constituency of Chipinge South in Manicaland Province is one of the worst-affected areas. There, only hardy domestic animals like goats have been able to survive the drought that has hit the southern African country. The devastating El Nino event – combined with climate change – has disrupted rainfall patterns and shortened by almost half the rainy season, which normally starts in October and ends in April. According to government records, as of February 24, people across the country have lost 19,300 herds of cattle to drought…


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