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Kids and resilience. Emergency preparedness and public health…and more

Emergency preparedness a matter of public health

Northern California over the past few years has experienced several earthquakes strong enough to shake residents into scrambling to dust-off their old emergency kits. When one thinks of health care, they generally do not conjure up images of natural disasters. Yet there is a steady barrage of media headlines reminding us of the types of disasters or other emergencies that could strike our communities at any time…


Lucy Jones: Saving Lives on Fault Lines

What are your future plans? In April, I will be retiring after 33 years of government service. I will be starting a nonprofit center to promote a better understanding of science in the broader community and to implement programs to reduce the risks from natural disasters….


How to Make Sure Your Kids Have ‘Grit,’ Backed by Research


What makes kids persist? What gives them the “grit” to keep working hard in school, to get good grades and ultimately be successful in life? A big contributor is having a “growth mindset.” You may have heard about this before but many people don’t understand it nearly as well as they think…


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