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Defining community resilience…and more.

Legarda: With more disasters looming, what are presidentiables’ plans for climate change?

The Philippines is one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries, with the events of 2013 continuing to haunt the nation: a large earthquake and a super typhoon in Visayas, and a standoff between government forces and the Moro National Liberation Front in Mindanao. With disasters set to become “bigger and deadlier,” Sen. Loren Legarda challenged presidential aspirants to reveal their plans in this regard. “What is your position on climate change adaptation and mitigation, and disaster risk reduction and resilience? What have you done in your career or your lifetime for CCA and DRR?” She asked these questions during a speech at the launch of the Philippine office of the Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD) in Manila last week…


Defining community resilience: where to begin?

Australia’s new Defence White Paper has plenty to say about a ‘secure, resilient Australia’. Paragraph 3.6 states: ‘Our interest in a secure, resilient Australia also means an Australia resilient to unexpected shocks, whether natural or man-made, and strong enough to recover quickly when the unexpected happens’. Establishing a definition of ‘resilience,’ particularly as it applies to communities impacted by natural disasters, is a hard nut to crack. Like many trans-disciplinary concepts, its meaning and usage has been debated by many professional and regulatory groups…


‘Nothing has changed’ in Fukushima: German filmmaker Dorris Dörrie

How to carry on when everything is lost? Fukushima is still faced with difficult questions.

How to carry on when everything is lost? Fukushima is still faced with difficult questions.

Doris Dörrie returned to Japan for her new film “Greetings from Fukushima,” shooting just a few kilometers from the nuclear reactor. The German filmmaker tells DW about the location, losses and new beginnings…

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