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Forecast: Four-fold jump in responding to cost of natural disasters in Australia. Brazil dam disaster damages payout… and more

Mining company Samarco to pay Brazil dam disaster damages

The owners of an iron ore mine in Brazil have settled with the government for a deadly dam spill. The toxic flood was the country’s worst environmental disaster, polluted waterways and left 17 people dead…


Responding to natural disasters would cost Australian government $33B a year by 2050

Cyclone Marcia in Brisbane... Photo: Yellen

Cyclone Marcia in Brisbane…
Photo: Yellen

Australia should brace for an almost four-fold jump in responding to cost of natural disasters within the next 35 years. A report, released on Wednesday, commissioned by the Turnbull government, said by 2050, the cost would increase to $33 billion annually. That’s around 3.6 times higher than the $9 billion in 2015 when Australia dealt with bushfires, storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Rebuilding the infrastructure damaged by natural catastrophes is expected to cost $17 billion annually, reports Daily Examiner…


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