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Monthly Archives: March, 2016

For IT, climate change means preparing for disaster…and more

For IT, climate change means preparing for disaster IT managers understand the hazards of heat inside data centers. But what about outside it? Cordell Schachter, the CTO of the New … Continue reading

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The leader’s greatest lesson: building resilience to overcome uncertainty…and more

Fukushima Farmers Are Using Soil Made From Polyester It’s been five years since Japan’s Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in Fukushima—and some consumers are still wary of produce grown … Continue reading

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Woman’s home demolished after Google Maps error…and more

Oklahoma Is Now as Much of an Earthquake Risk as California A new federal map released Monday shows parts of Oklahoma are now as seismic as parts of California and … Continue reading

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Can Trauma Help You Grow?

Can Trauma Help You Grow? When I tell people that I had a brother who was kidnapped and murdered, I’m often asked how my parents survived. I was only four … Continue reading

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Resilience – The Antidote to ISIS

Resilience – The Antidote to ISIS Nowadays, when hordes of counterterrorism pundits are falling all over each other in their eagerness to push forth Amygdala-controlled agendas, designed to satisfy a … Continue reading

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Corporate First Responders and natural disasters.

Corporate First Responders What happens when governments lack the resources to immediately respond to a natural disaster? When Japan was struck by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and 100-foot tsunami in … Continue reading

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Resilience and well being. And more…

The Four Keys to Well-Being Well-being is a skill. All of the work that my colleagues and I have been doing leads inevitably to this central conclusion. Well-being is fundamentally … Continue reading

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Kids and resilience. Emergency preparedness and public health…and more

Emergency preparedness a matter of public health Northern California over the past few years has experienced several earthquakes strong enough to shake residents into scrambling to dust-off their old emergency … Continue reading

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Which countries were hit by the most natural disasters in 2015?…and more

Prince Harry lauds resilience of Nepalese people Britain’s Prince Harry today saluted the resilience of the people of Nepal recovering from the last year’s devastating earthquakes as he called on … Continue reading

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Proactive Business Resilience…and more

Sea Level Rise Could Displace 13 Million Americans A new climate change study offers possibly the grimmest outlook yet for U.S. coastal residents. Up to 13.1 million Americans could be … Continue reading

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How hot was your city in 2015?..Building disaster resilience systemically. And more…

How hot was your city in 2015? Scientists declared 2015 the hottest year in Earth’s history, or at least since reporting began back in 1850. In a database provided by … Continue reading

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SPECIAL EDITION: Cyclone Larry 10 years on

Cyclone Larry remembered by former local SES boss IT WAS likely the longest few hours of Alan Green’s life. On one hand he was charged with spearheading the Cassowary Coast’s … Continue reading

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Overdue California quake greater than thought.Hottest Winter On Record By Far. And more…

Overdue California quake greater than thought, report says The San Andreas Fault has an infamous reputation, but there are other fault lines lying around California that can trigger a powerful … Continue reading

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Survey shows resilience key to our energy future…and more

Survey shows resilience key to our energy future The newly released World Energy Issues Monitor, the World Energy Councils annual survey for New Zealand, shows the issues keeping New Zealand … Continue reading

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500-year-old shipwrecks could be key to predicting hurricanes…and more

500-year-old shipwrecks could be key to predicting hurricanes Shipwrecks in the Caribbean have been used as an indication of hurricane activity, finds new research that could shed light on the … Continue reading

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7 Habits of Highly Resilient People…and more

7 Habits of Highly Resilient People The most resilient among us make it through the worst of times–and we don’t do it by accident. Are some people born a little … Continue reading

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Resilient Australia Awards. Disaster Resilient Future…and more.

Resilient Australia Awards The Resilient Australia Awards is a national program to recognise and promote initiatives which strengthen community disaster resilience across the nation, making our communities safer, stronger, more … Continue reading

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Defining community resilience…and more.

Legarda: With more disasters looming, what are presidentiables’ plans for climate change? The Philippines is one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries, with the events of 2013 continuing to haunt … Continue reading

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Deadly mudslides, flooding in Brazil. Cyclone Winston recovery…and more.

At least 15 people killed by landslides, flooding in Sao Paulo, Brazil At least 15 people were killed on Thursday night by landslides provoked by heavy rains and floods in … Continue reading

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What makes one economy more resilient than another?

  What makes one economy more resilient than another? Markets have been in turmoil for much of the year on concerns the global economy is heading for another recession. The … Continue reading

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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 5 Years On: SPECIAL COVERAGE

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 5 Years On: Water, Water Everywhere (Part I) March 11, 2011 is a day most of us living in Japan at the time will remember for the … Continue reading

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Scottish business owners warned of cyber crime hacks raiding smartphones …and more about resilience

Scottish business owners warned of cyber crime hacks raiding smartphones Technology experts have warned that businesses using their smartphone are at risk of having their devices ‘raided’. Criminals can intercept … Continue reading

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Why is 2016 smashing heat records?…and more

Why is 2016 smashing heat records? Yet another global heat record has been beaten. It appears January 2016 – the most abnormally hot month in history, according to Nasa – … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day 2016 – SPECIAL EDITION

How disasters affect women Disasters do not discriminate women. It is the institutions they hit that discriminate, which ultimately increases a woman’s vulnerability and allows for disproportionate impacts. All of … Continue reading

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Pathways to City Resilience. Protect Your Pet in the Case of Natural Disaster. And more…

Protect Your Pet in the Case of Natural Disaster Protect your pet in a disaster. Dont put them at risk. Make a disaster plan now. Protect your pet in a … Continue reading

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Disaster survivors aren’t helpless victims. Tourism shows resilience. And more…

Disaster survivors aren’t helpless victims: relief can be the enemy of recovery “Relief is the enemy of recovery” is a truism often cited after disasters. In other words, by focusing … Continue reading

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Forecast: Four-fold jump in responding to cost of natural disasters in Australia. Brazil dam disaster damages payout… and more

Mining company Samarco to pay Brazil dam disaster damages The owners of an iron ore mine in Brazil have settled with the government for a deadly dam spill. The toxic … Continue reading

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Indonesia earthquake, Fukushima meltdown and more

Indonesia earthquake: Tsunami warnings and deaths confirmed as 7.9 tremor hits south-east Asia Tsunami warnings have been issued by national authorities around the Indian Ocean after a shallow 7.9 magnitude … Continue reading

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Cyclone Winston – Fiji SPECIAL EDITION

Cyclone Winston: tens of thousands homeless in Fiji a week after storm Tens of thousands of people in Fiji are living in evacuation centres after Cyclone Winston tore across the … Continue reading

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Disaster response starts at home…and more

Fires are increasing in a warming world, but a new model could help us predict them Over the past decade, the frequency of bushfires in Australia has increased. The Forest … Continue reading

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Australian man’s houses outlast Cyclone Winston…and more

Australian man’s houses outlast Cyclone Winston Aussie’s dwellings cost $13,000, can be built in five days and may be cyclone proof. Cheap, sturdy houses designed by an Australian man have … Continue reading

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