Resilience and urban design…and more

Resilience and urban design

Future cities provide a fertile ground to integrate and synthesise different properties of space and help us realise our abilities to become more resilient. Rapid urbanisation brings with it a need to develop cohesive and resilient communities, so it is crucial to discuss how we can better design our cities. In the future, urban design must harness the transformative function of open spaces to help people explore new sociocultural possibilities and increase our resilience: resilient people help form the responsible citizenry that is necessary for the emergence of more resilient urban systems…



Treat wildfires like other natural disasters

More than 10 million acres of forest burned in 2015, the worst year for U.S. wildfires ever recorded. With incredibly dry conditions across the American West, fire lines were intensely hot and flames spread faster, producing some of the most dangerous conditions firefighters have ever seen…


‘Abandon city!’ – Climate experts warn of displacement and migration as sea levels rise

abandoned city

A spate of scientific papers examining the effect of climate change on the world’s oceans are shedding more light on the topic. Just this week, leading sea level experts warned that today’s fossil fuel emissions mean rising seas for centuries to come. The most recent report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2013 attempted to project future sea level rise. The authors considered four different scenarios for sea level rise based on different rates of warming as a result of burning differing amounts of fossil fuels…

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