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How is Fukushima’s cleanup going five years after its meltdown? Not so well…and more

How is Fukushima’s cleanup going five years after its meltdown? Not so well.


Seen from the road below, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station looks much as it may have right after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that caused a triple meltdown here almost five years ago. The No. 3 reactor building, which exploded in a hydrogen fireball during the disaster, remains a tangle of broken concrete and twisted metal. A smashed crane sits exactly where it was on March 11, 2011…


How Resilience Reduces Absenteeism and Improves Engagement at 2016 IBI Annual Forum

Employee stress is a growing issue and top priority of employers around the world, according to the 2015/2016 Global Staying@Work Survey which indicated that stress is the #1 health and productivity issue in the workplace, surpassing obesity and lack of physical activity. To combat this problem, employers and human resources professionals are seeking solutions to improve employee wellbeing, reduce stress and increase productivity at work. On Wednesday, February 17, meQuilibrium’s CEO and co-founder, Jan Bruce, will present with Dr. Tanya Benenson, Chief Medical Officer and VP, Strategic Health Initiatives of Comcast NBCUniversal…


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