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Most businesses aren’t cyber resilient…and more

Most businesses aren’t cyber resilient

UK’s businesses are mostly unprepared for cyber-attacks, and would most likely suffer hard in case of a cyber-incident. Those are the results of the latest poll on cyber-security across UK’s businesses, done by the Ponemon Institute research firm…


Obama Praises Sikh Community For Its Relief Efforts During Natural Disasters Globally

Obama praises 'this march of living hope'...

Obama praises ‘this march of living hope’…

US President Barack Obama today cited the humanitarian work done by the Sikh community as he spoke about the strength that comes from uniting all faiths against fear. “When the Earth cleaves in Haiti, Christians, Sikhs, and other faith groups sent volunteers to distribute aid, tend to the wounded, rebuild homes for the homeless,” Obama said in his annual address to the national prayer breakfast in the presence of religious and global leaders in Washington…


Centralised coordination of spontaneous emergency volunteers: the EV CREW model

This paper presents a case study of Emergency Volunteering Ð Community Response to Extreme Weather (EV CREW). EV CREW is a best-practice model for centrally coordinating spontaneous volunteers who respond during emergencies. The model was developed by Volunteering Queensland, a not-for-profit organisation and the peak volunteering body in Queensland. The case study outlines the EV CREW model, with particular attention on intended outcomes for community resilience and emergency management…



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