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California City Misused Disaster Relief Funds…and more

Early 2014 UK flooding made more likely by climate change

house in water

In places like California, researchers have been working to understand how climate change is affecting droughts. But in the UK, it’s unusually wet weather making headlines of late. Southern England and Wales got soaked over the winter that ran into January 2014, leading to near-historic flooding. This led to a natural question: did climate change have a hand in it?…


Cyclone Yasi: Action urged to address skyrocketing insurance premiums in wake of disaster

Five years ago thousands of north Queenslanders bunkered down for what would be one of the biggest cyclones to ever hit the coast. Cyclone Yasi, packing winds of up to 285 kilometres per hour, bore down on the tropics with the eye striking between Innisfail and Cardwell about midnight on February 3, 2011…


California City Misused Disaster Relief Funds, Audit Finds

A federal audit has found the city of San Diego, Calif. did not properly use $1. 2 million in disaster relief funds of the $6 million it received for damage from flooding and mudslides five years ago. The Jan. 25 report by the General Accounting Office recommends the Federal Emergency Management Agency declare the funds as ineligible…

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