Taiwan earthquake…and more

Taiwan earthquake: at least seven dead, dozens trapped under rubble

Images on social media purporting to portray the impact of the powerful earthquake.
Images on social media purporting to portray the impact of the powerful earthquake.

A powerful earthquake struck Taiwan on Saturday killing at least seven people, most in a 17-storey apartment building that collapsed, with about 35 people still feared trapped there hours into a rescue operation. As a search for survivors in the rubble went on, questions were being raised about the construction of the Wei-guan Golden Dragon Building, with its floors that pancaked down on each other when the 6.4 magnitude tremor hit at around 4 a.m. (2000 GMT), at the start of a Lunar New Year holiday…


Japanese volcano erupts on nuclear power station island

A Japanese volcanic eruption has fired ash nearly 2km into the sky and sent molten lava flowing down its slopes. The Sakurajima volcano lies 50 km from the Sendai nuclear plant but the authorities said there was no risk. The facility reopened this year after a shutdown following the earthquake which crippled the Fukushima reactor. People were warned not to approach the volcano, which lies in a remote area…


Is Christie or Obama to blame for N.J. getting so little Sandy aid?

New Jersey’s U.S. House delegation split along party lines in questioning whether Gov. Chris Christie or the Obama administration’s Department of Housing and Urban Development was at fault for the state getting just $15 million of a $1 billion program carved out of funds originally earmarked for Hurricane Sandy aid…

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