10 reasons for helping employees be more resilient…and more

10 reasons for helping employees be more resilient

employee resilience“Resilience” could be the trending workplace buzzword, as employers search for better ways to get the work done without burning out those who are doing the work. Betting on this trend is meQuilibrium, a company that specializes in resilience research and training. The company offers a plethora of…


Floods are natural, they don’t have to lead to disasters

Floods affect more people globally than any other type of natural hazard. They cause some of the largest economic, social and humanitarian losses each year, and 2015 was not an exception. It started with heavy rains in Malawi in January leaving 200 people dead or missing and ended with the storms Desmond, Eva and Frank raging across the UK with expected losses over 2 billion dollars…


Despite Fewer Natural Disasters in 2015, Damaging Events Still Significant

A downward trend in U.S. natural hazard events in 2015 resulted in decreased damage and loss totals for the year, according to the latest CoreLogic Natural Hazard Risk Summary and Analysis report. The annual report noted that despite the reduction in frequency, there were still record-setting events within the individual hazard categories that caused significant damage. The report reviews annual hazard activity in the U.S. including events for wildfire, flooding, hurricanes, wind, hail, tornadoes, earthquakes and sinkholes. Highlights from the analysis include:…

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