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Monthly Archives: February, 2016

How resilient is your business?…and more

How resilient is your business? Most companies feel confident their businesses would continue without major disruption in the event of a disaster, a recent survey found. The matter is firmly … Continue reading

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Personal resilience…and more

Personal resilience Some people describe resilience as the ability to bend instead of breaking when experiencing pressure or the ability to persevere and adapt when faced with challenges. These abilities … Continue reading

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Recovering addict inspired by resilience of human spirit ; Red Cross and Aviva bolster disaster resilience; Australians underinsured for natural disasters;…and more

Red Cross and Aviva launch partnership to bolster disaster resilience Insurance giant to support charity in its work to help vulnerable communities prepare for and respond to extreme weather disasters. … Continue reading

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Cyclone Winston: Aid begins arriving in remote areas of Fiji; 45 day storm; women and resilience…and more

Cyclone Winston: Aid begins arriving in remote areas of Fiji Aid has begun arriving in some of the remote areas of Fiji that were hit hardest by Cyclone Winston at … Continue reading

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Resilience and urban design…and more

Resilience and urban design Future cities provide a fertile ground to integrate and synthesise different properties of space and help us realise our abilities to become more resilient. Rapid urbanisation … Continue reading

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Why Resilience Is Good for Your Health and Career…and more

Why Resilience Is Good for Your Health and Career Resilience is often defined as the capacity to adjust to change, disruption or difficulty and move on from negative or traumatic … Continue reading

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Scottish businesses resilient…and more

Scottish businesses resilient in the face of global challenges But, Grant Thornton’s annual Global Economy report has just been published and it offers some reassurance about the resilience and dynamism … Continue reading

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Fiji: images of flattened villages show brutal force of Cyclone Winston

Cyclone Winston: Death toll reaches 21 as authorities continue to assess damage The death toll from Cyclone Winston, which tore through Fiji on the weekend, has risen to 21, officials … Continue reading

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Scientists are floored by what’s happening in the Arctic right now

Cyclone Winston: Fiji counts deaths and damage from giant storm Five people are reported to have been killed and remote villages were feared to have sustained heavy damage after what … Continue reading

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston lashes Fiji with winds of up to 220 kilometres per hour

Tropical cyclone hits Fiji with record winds of 200 miles an hour A powerful cyclone with wind gusts of 200 miles an hour has begun tearing through the Pacific nation … Continue reading

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Recent St Louis flooding made worse by human changes to landscape…and more

Fires are increasing in a warming world, but a new model could help us predict them Over the past decade, the frequency of bushfires in Australia has increased. The Forest … Continue reading

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How People Learn to Become Resilient…and more

How People Learn to Become Resilient Norman Garmezy, a developmental psychologist and clinician at the University of Minnesota, met thousands of children in his four decades of research. But one … Continue reading

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Your Business has Been Damaged or Destroyed by a Natural Disaster, What now?

Your Business has Been Damaged or Destroyed by a Natural Disaster, What now? Every year, around the world, tens of thousands of small businesses are badly disrupted by natural disasters … Continue reading

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UK’s winter floods create 30,000 tonnes of landfill waste

January natural disasters cause billion-dollar damages worldwide A severe winter storm that hit the Eastern US during the second half of January has resulted in economic losses of $2 billion, … Continue reading

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‘Holistic engineering’ in the wake of disaster

Peek, Tobin-Gurley to present ‘Youth, Gender and Disaster Recovery’ Two leaders from CSU’s Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis will deliver a presentation on “Youth, Gender and Disaster Recovery” on … Continue reading

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Severed feet – still inside shoes – keep mysteriously washing up in US, Canada

UN Report Links Natural Disasters, Climate Change A new United Nations report finds that climate change and El Nino had a strong influence on natural disasters in 2015. It says … Continue reading

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Google going to start Public Emergency Alerts about the Natural disasters across India

Google going to start Public Emergency Alerts about the Natural disasters across India In a bid to make the people get access to the valuable and critical information about the … Continue reading

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How to survive a global disaster: a handy guide…and more

Taiwan’s IC Foundry Hold Its Ground Despite Earthquake Risk The earthquake occurred on February 6 in Tainan, Taiwan, leading to more than fifty people were killed and hundreds injured, while … Continue reading

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Bushfire resilience: preparing yourself and your property

Bushfire resilience: preparing yourself and your property When we think of resilience, we tend to think of our ability to adapt to stressful situations and survive them. In ecological terms, … Continue reading

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How is Fukushima’s cleanup going five years after its meltdown? Not so well…and more

How is Fukushima’s cleanup going five years after its meltdown? Not so well. Seen from the road below, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station looks much as it may have … Continue reading

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World’s Largest Homeland Security and National Resilience Event in 2016…and more

UAE to Host World’s Largest Homeland Security and National Resilience Event in 2016 The International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience (ISNR) 2016 Abu Dhabi will be held under the … Continue reading

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Most businesses aren’t cyber resilient…and more

Most businesses aren’t cyber resilient UK’s businesses are mostly unprepared for cyber-attacks, and would most likely suffer hard in case of a cyber-incident. Those are the results of the latest … Continue reading

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California City Misused Disaster Relief Funds…and more

Early 2014 UK flooding made more likely by climate change In places like California, researchers have been working to understand how climate change is affecting droughts. But in the UK, … Continue reading

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Taiwan earthquake…and more

Taiwan earthquake: at least seven dead, dozens trapped under rubble A powerful earthquake struck Taiwan on Saturday killing at least seven people, most in a 17-storey apartment building that collapsed, … Continue reading

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Should disaster training be mandatory for mayors, candidates?

Should disaster training be mandatory for mayors, candidates? Should mayors be required to undergo a disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) training? This was what Sharon Arruejo, a Senior Weather … Continue reading

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Building resilience in business…and more

‘If the world ends in 2100, we’re probably OK’ There’s a myopia in the climate discourse today. “Everyone is focused on what happens by 2100. But that’s only 2 generations … Continue reading

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How Do Disaster-Prep Stock-Ups Affect Supermarket Sales?…and more

How Do Disaster-Prep Stock-Ups Affect Supermarket Sales? With every incoming hurricane or blizzard, thousands of people stock up on food, water, and supplies, just in case — leaving supermarket shelves … Continue reading

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10 reasons for helping employees be more resilient…and more

10 reasons for helping employees be more resilient “Resilience” could be the trending workplace buzzword, as employers search for better ways to get the work done without burning out those … Continue reading

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Want to build sustainable, resilient cities? Start with quality infrastructure…and more

The Snowzilla Snowball Winter Storm Jonas hit the East coast of the U.S. last weekend, and dropped an estimated 6.6 trillion cubic feet of snow, with 2.7 billion cubic feet … Continue reading

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Deaths in Japan and Taiwan as record cold snap hits east Asia…and more

Alaska earthquake focuses attention on state’s preparedness for disaster A magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Alaska’s most populous region has renewed focus on the state’s readiness to deal with a natural … Continue reading

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