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Relationships with animals should be considered in disasters…and more

Relationships with animals should be considered in disasters – review

Researchers say owners of pets can consider them an extension of their own identity – an important thing to bear in mind during disaster responses. Joshua Trigg, Kirrilly Thompson, Bradley Smith and Pauleen Bennett suggested that preservation of each unique and composite pet-owner identity should be considered by those in disaster planning…


All the Natural (and Man-Made) Disasters You Should Worry About

all disasters

Long before Seattle had skyscrapers, it was carved by glaciers, seeded with wild salmon runs, and populated by indigenous peoples. Then, in a matter of centuries, white settlers and gold-seekers flooded the area, the postwar boom paved over it, and the tech industry triggered a construction boom…


10 countries hardest hit by weather disasters

In the last 20 years, weather-related disasters have claimed 606,000 lives and left 4.1 billion people injured, homeless or in need of emergency assistance. The Human Cost of Weather Related Disasters (1995-2015) report from the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Protection (UNISDR) provides an analysis of a 20-year time frame…


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