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Study Reveals the Connection Between Resilience and Positive Business Outcomes…and more

Induced Earthquakes Could Get Pretty Nasty, Thanks to Fracking between earthquakes and fracking...

…link between earthquakes and fracking…

Thanks to fracking and other injection processes, small earthquakes are the new normal in the American interior. That poses another, more ominous question. What does the Big One look like in Oklahoma?…


New Study Reveals the Connection Between Resilience and Positive Business Outcomes

Today’s employers are challenged to provide competitive benefits and employee engagement strategies that not only support the wellbeing of their employees, but also improve the bottom line. As resilience building and mindfulness training programs continue to gain momentum in the workplace, meQuilibrium conducted a study to measure resilience against industry-standard psychological metrics and desired business outcomes…


World Bank Group launches national disaster risk management program in Armenia

To offer support to further advance disaster resilience in Armenia, the World Bank Group launched today the National Disaster Risk Management Program in the country. According to a WB expert on disaster risk management in Europe and Central Asia Ko Takeuchi, the…



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