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Harsh bushfire lessons…and more

Harsh bushfire lessons: when alerts fail, towns like Yarloop burn to the ground

Picture your house, or a house you know in the sticks. Do you know the name of the road five kilometres to the west? What about 15km away? What about that dirt track you sometimes drive past that runs along the edge of the pine plantation just outside town? Could you, upon hearing any of those names on the radio, mentally trace the line between it and three other country roads of varying prominence and find you’ve drawn a square with yourself at the centre?…


Mesmerizing Video Shows All The World’s Earthquakes Since 2000

Since the year 2000, the world has been rocked by tens of thousands of earthquakes. This mesmerizing animation visualizes each and every one of them. Created by the U.K.-based visual effects company 422 South, the clip is said to show all the world’s earthquakes of magnitude 4 or greater from 2000 to November 2015. Earthquakes are represented by dots in the video, with bigger and brighter dots corresponding to stronger quakes. The animation is cumulative (meaning once the dots appear, they remain on the globe), so viewers…


Which natural disasters hit most frequently?

most common disasters

In the last 20 years, flooding has been the most common natural disaster by far, accounting for 43% of all recorded events. In a joint report with the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters recorded 3,062 natural flood disasters between 1995 and 2015. The following infographic from the report highlights the most frequently occurring natural disasters between 1995 and 2015…



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