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Disasters cost New Zealand insurance industry $115 million…and more

Decision to leave during bushfires saves lives; calls to provide incentives to improve building standards

In the last week alone there have been several emergency bushfire warnings across four Australian states. More stringent building standards have been implemented in bushfire prone areas to ensure new properties are more resilient, but there are calls for those with existing homes to bring them closer to those standards to save both rebuilding costs and lives. Like many who have lost their homes in bushfires, Paul Voege has vowed to rebuild. He lost his home during November’s Pinery fire in South Australia after deciding to flee to safety. It is an example of a lifesaving change in attitude by residents. “We saved all the horses, our dog, and partner and me but we’re thankful that we’re alive,” Mr Voege said…


Team Rubicon: The veterans who DO deserve thanks of flood’s victims

Team Rubicon volunteers help with the clean up in the wake of December's devastating floods

Team Rubicon volunteers help with the clean up in the wake of December’s devastating floods

Dozens of ex-Army soldiers were last night using their military skills and experience to help locals combat the devastation caused by extreme floods in North Yorkshire. And while they provide plenty of technical know-how, it’s their ability to command, organise and keep calm in a crisis that is being particularly valued. The volunteers are part of Team Rubicon, a global charity that not only boasts a Who’s Who of highly regarded generals as advisers, but deploys more than 35,000 ex-military troops to natural disasters around the globe. Britain’s branch, Team Rubicon UK, has only been running for a few months…


Disasters cost New Zealand insurance industry $115 million

Damage and devastation from floods, storms, cyclones and tornados led New Zealanders to lodge nearly 2000 insurance claims last year. Natural disasters cost the New Zealand insurance industry $115 million in 2015, figures from the Insurance Council of New Zealand show. Winter flooding and storms in the Lower North Island and Otago added to the claims, with those events damaging homes, roads and crippling businesses…



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