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Government warned about funding cuts weeks before Yorkshire floods…and more

Government warned about funding cuts weeks before Yorkshire floods

The government was warned by its own advisory body that a funding gap could leave swaths of the north vulnerable to flooding just weeks before the deluge this Christmas, official documents show. Prof Colin Mellors, head of the Yorkshire regional flood and coastal committee (RFCC), said funding cuts could mean discontinuing some flood defences, according to minutes on the government’s website. The disclosure came as opposition MPs representing northern constituencies affected by the floods rounded on David Cameron for neglecting defences outside the south of England, creating a north-south divide in preparedness…


Cost of UK floods tops £5bn, with thousands facing financial ruin

The cost of the UK’s winter floods will top £5bn and thousands of families and businesses will face financial ruin because they have inadequate or non-existent insurance, a leading accountant has warned, as the government defended its record on flood defences. The prime minister faced growing anger from politicians in the north of England who accused the government of creating “a north-south gap” in financial support for flood-prevention schemes…


Find out which natural disaster might hit you with this handy map


If the New Yorker article last summer on the Really Big One still has you thinking about how that natural disaster will affect you, this map might help. Or not. The Seattle Office of Emergency Management has released an interactive map of the area that shows the likelihood of how natural disasters, like earthquakes, will affect your neighborhood. The map also covers an earthquake’s lovely side effects, including tsunamis, liquefaction, flooding and landslides. Why did they do this?…



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