The Earthquake That Brought an Empire to Its Knees…and more

UK floods: hundreds flee homes as swaths of northern England submerged

Hundreds of people fled their homes after torrential rain triggered flooding in towns across Lancashire and West Yorkshire, and dangerously high waters even reached the cities of Manchester and Leeds. The Met Office issued two of its most serious, red weather warnings – indicating a danger to life – for the area and warned that up to five inches of rain could fall over the weekend. In addition, the Environment Agency (EA) issued 31 severe flood warnings – which also signal danger to life – as well as hundreds of standard flood warnings, which mean that immediate action is required…


The Earthquake That Brought an Empire to Its Knees


It was a calamity of Biblical proportions, akin to Sodom and Gomorrah or Egypt in Exodus.

In 1755, Lisbon, the capital of the extensive Portuguese empire and the third-busiest port in the world, was in the midst of its second golden age. The seemingly endless supply of gold from Brazil had catapulted the tiny nation back into the high echelons it had occupied two centuries before with its colonies in Africa and Asia…


Pilbeam Drive on road to restoration after Marcia’s wrath

A MULTI-MILLION dollar restoration project is set to commence at Mount Archer’s Pilbeam Drive in early 2016. Chair of Council’s Local Disaster Management Group, Cr Tony Williams announced today that $4.7 million has been secured to repair damages caused by TC Marcia earlier this year. “We are extremely excited to announce that repair works will soon commence at Pilbeam Drive thanks to support from the State and Federal Government under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) – Category B and D,” Cr Williams said. He said that more than 140 defects were recorded for the site following TC Marcia in February, including 26 landslips, scoured table drains, blocked culverts, pavement damage…


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