South America floods: 140,000 people forced from homes

South America floods: 140,000 people forced from homes

Of the estimated 140,000 people evacuated across four countries over the past two days, Paraguay is the hardest hit. At least 100,000 residents – mostly around the capital city of Asuncion – were forced to move to temporary shelters. Officials said many of those displaced were poor families living in precarious housing along the banks of the River Paraguay. They expect the waters to rise even further, predicting that thousands more people may be affected in the coming days. Elsewhere in the region, Argentina reported 20,000 people evacuations, with a further 9,000 in Uruguay and around 7,000 in Brazil…


Which countries are worst affected by El Nino?


As world leaders gather in Paris to seek a deal on tackling climate change, millions of people around the world are suffering the impacts of a strong El Nino weather pattern. El Nino – a warming of sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific – affects wind patterns and can trigger both floods and drought in different parts of the world, leading to reduced harvests. The phenomenon is expected to peak between October and January and could turn into one of the strongest El Ninos on record, according to the World Meteorological Organization…


Climate change and the Victorian bushfires: this is not a coincidence

The news came in mid-afternoon on Sunday that bushfires were once again threatening north east Victoria and the town of Yackandandah. Worried, I called my parents, who were right in the line of the fire according to the incredible ABC updates. “The wind has changed suddenly and a hot northerly wind is driving the fire straight towards us. We’ve put the passports in the safe,” mum told me. You never feel distance as much as when your home is under threat. It was a very anxious afternoon of constantly checking websites for updates on the fire front. Dad reported volatile winds and huge plumes of smoke until eventually the visibility got so bad that it was essentially non-existent. They were cut adrift and surrounded entirely by a surreal yellow pre-fire glow…


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