Let’s Prepare for a Future of Natural Disasters…and more

Let’s Prepare for a Future of Natural Disasters

Don’t be fooled by the possibility of success following the climate summit in Paris in December. Even if all countries make commitments that could limit global warming to 1.5 degrees this century, this will still mean profound changes to the world we know. There are the slow but serious changes to our environment: glaciers will melt, dramatically changing water flows in south Asia and parts of South America; sea levels will rise, uprooting hundreds of millions of people and making many of our cities difficult to inhabit; drought will drive whole populations off their land. Mass migrations will become a permanent feature of…


Preparing for Disaster a Part of Japanese Life

Japan reaady

The Japanese word bōsai is broad in meaning, covering how to prepare for disasters and how to react when they take place. Children start learning about the topic from an early age in Japan. This education is bolstered by regular public awareness campaigns and drills, particularly around September 1, the anniversary of the 1923 Great Kantō Earthquake, which devastated Tokyo and killed more than 100,000. As part of efforts to increase disaster preparedness, the Tokyo government has released a new bōsai handbook for residents and workers in the metropolis…


Brazil dam collapse: Judge blocks BHP Billiton and Vale assets

A federal judge in Brazil has blocked the assets of mining giants BHP Billiton and Vale in the country over the deadly collapse of a dam. The joint-venture company they own, Samarco, does not have enough resources to cover the potential damages, estimated at 20.2bn reais ($5.2bn; £3.4bn), the judge ruled. Samarco owned the dam, which held back waste water from iron ore mining. It burst last month, flooding a vast area and killing at least 13 people. Anglo-Australian company BHP Billiton and Vale, from Brazil, said they had not been officially notified…

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