2016 set to be hottest year on record globally…and more

Resilience, rebuilding and recovery

Differences dissolve and smiles endure. Photo: K.V. Poornachandra Kumar
Differences dissolve and smiles endure. Photo: K.V. Poornachandra Kumar

Boats ferrying residents from neighbourhoods; helicopters hovering across the skyline distributing packets of food and water bottles; familiar landmarks submerged in water; a loss of close to 400 lives and 1.5 million people displaced — it seemed like a disaster sequence from a science fiction film. Except that, the violence of the storm was very real. Chennai and parts of coastal Tamil Nadu faced the brunt of nature’s fury, in what has been described as the heaviest rainfall experienced in a century. The storm brought life to a standstill and almost everyone experienced some kind of loss. Thousands were left homeless and vulnerable, at the mercy of the weather and the charity of good Samaritans. For those of us, away from the city, watching the images…


2016 set to be hottest year on record globally

2016 is set to be the warmest year ever recorded, according to a forecast issued by the UK Met Office on Thursday. Climate change and the peaking of the El Niño weather phenomenon are expected to drive the global average temperature next year above the record now certain to be set for 2015, which itself beat a new record set in 2014. The forecast comes just five days after 195 nations agreed a historic deal to fight global warming at a UN summit in Paris by keeping the world’s temperature rise under 2C, with an ambition to restrict the rise to 1.5C…


What Managers Want: 5 Qualities That Can Help You Succeed

We’re assuming here you can do the job. We’re assuming you’re smart and have the requisite skills. So skills alone are rarely the dealmaker. From a management standpoint, hiring the right person is often a matter of choosing whom you feel to be the most qualified out of numerous qualified candidates. Following are the key personal qualities I looked for when making hiring decisions. While they are personal choices, I was in management for many…


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