Ready for the ‘Really Big One’? Congress boosts quake warning system…and more

Ready for the ‘Really Big One’? Congress boosts quake warning system


The omnibus spending bill that was approved by Congress today includes another $8.2 million for a quake-monitoring system that could provide early warning if we’re hit by “the Really Big One” that everyone’s been freaked out about. Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Derek Kilmer, both D-Wash., had pushed for the additional support and issued a statement applauding the legislative follow-through. “An updated and operational Earthquake Early Warning System is essential to serve as eyes and ears for folks on the West Coast,” Kilmer said. “A few crucial seconds can make all the difference to help Washingtonians get out of harm’s way if a large quake strikes.” The omnibus bill was quickly signed into law by President Barack Obama. Researchers have long been concerned about the potential for the Cascadia Subduction Zone to unleash a magnitude-9.0 quake off the coast of Washington and Oregon. The concern was…


How social media improves disaster journalism in the Philippines

For such a small archipelagic country, the social media power of the Philippines has always been a paradoxical surprise for Internet experts, dubbed both the social media capital and selfie capital of the world. In October, the country smashed the Twitter world record during a popular Filipino show, EatBulaga. With 41 million tweets, the show’s hashtag #AlDUbEBTamangPanahon thrashed the 35.6 million tweets set by the 2014 FIFA World Cup as the most tweeted event in history. With a serious penchant toward expressing themselves online, citizens move past tweeting entertainment and take to…


In A First, Cuddalore Sets Up Emergency Radio For Disaster Management

A first of its kind emergency radio station, meant to connect people during natural disasters, has been set up in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district – an area hit by multiple disasters over the recent years. The 24-hour radio, 107.8 FM, which goes on air from the district collectorate, will connect people within a radius of 20 km and will be available on most devices, including cellphones. The range will soon be doubled. The 2004 tsunami had killed 600 people in Cuddalore. In 2011, came the Thane cyclone. At least 68 people died in the region in floods last month…


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