Institute promotes resilience as way to flourish…and more

Institute promotes resilience as way to flourish

Workplace stress is a common cause of mental illness and distress. A Halifax venture is working to protect the health of workers by increasing their emotional toughness. The Atlantic Institute for Resilience was founded last year by psychiatrist Dr. Jackie Kinley, the institute’s president and CEO. Resilience is the capacity to not only endure but to grow through challenge and adversity. “Resilience can be developed. It has several aspects, including mental, emotional and social,” Kinley said. People need to be mentally strong in order to deal with the complex demands of modern life, she said. “Emotional resilience enables us to respond, not react. It helps us know our limits and when we need to slow down and relax. “Low resilience puts people at risk of illness and injury. And we know the immense costs this assumes in human, social and economic terms…


This ‘earthquake-proof’ bed looks utterly terrifying


Do you lie in bed at night worrying that an earthquake could strike at any moment, burying you in a heap of rubble? Well, Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi has the answer. He’s designed an earthquake-proof bed that promises to keep you safe should your house fall down in the small hours…


Typhoon Melor/Nona: Children’s lives and wellbeing saved by preparedness and resilience-building

Unicef commends the Philippine government’s preparedness actions which minimized damage to life and property as Typhoon Melor/Nona exits the country. Improved government coordination, preemptive evacuations and responsive planning have shown that a disaster-prone country can come together to protect the lives of its citizens, especially its children. On December 13, Sunday, Typhoon Melor/Nona intensified from a severe tropical storm into a typhoon, prompting all levels of government to begin preparations. From its highest official President Benigno Aquino III to local emergency workers, the Philippines shows that investment in long-term resilience can save lives and lessen the impact of disasters. “We are impressed by the government taking preparedness measures seriously. The preemptive evacuation and the high level of commitment that they have shown in saving lives benefitted everyone living in the path of Typhoon Melor, especially children who need special attention and care in times of emergencies,” Unicef Philippines Representative Lotta Sylwander said…


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