Young men filmed diving into Atlantic during Storm Desmond did ‘stupid thing’…and more

Wettest start to an El Niño season in Pacific Northwest as storms hit California

A powerful El Niño continues to gain strength, the latest forecast released Thursday said. And while El Niño rains are still weeks away from hitting California, another weather phenomenon that has exacerbated the state’s drought has lifted, allowing heavy storms to target the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. “Of all the years in which there was a strong El Niño present in the tropical Pacific Ocean, this…


Young men filmed diving into Atlantic during Storm Desmond did ‘stupid thing’

young men

Two young divers were widely criticised for diving into waters off the west coast of Ireland on December 4 amid extreme storm conditions. The pair were recorded jumping off the diving board at Salthill, County Galway, as Storm Desmond hit the area. One backflips off of the diving board, while the other plunges into the rough ocean feet first…


More than 5000 homes flooded in north-west England

British insurers could have to pay out up to 250 million pounds ($375 million) in claims to owners of homes and businesses, industry specialists said on Monday, after the northwest of England suffered once-in-a-century floods for the second time in 10 years. As world leaders meet in Paris to seek a deal on global warming, insurers in Britain have been adjusting their forecasting models to cope with more frequent floods. More than 5200 properties have been affected by the weekend flooding, according to an official from the Environment Agency. The flood-hit area includes the towns of Carlisle, Keswick and Lancaster, and the Lake District National Park, which attracts millions of tourists…


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