How a group of sex workers is doing its bit for Chennai flood relief…and more

How a group of sex workers is doing its bit for Chennai flood relief

In a heartwarming gesture, around 2,000 sex workers from Maharashtra have donated around Rs 100,000 (approximately $1,500) towards relief work for the Chennai floods. The women, who belong to the Ahmednagar district in the western part of the state, collected the money from their meagre savings and survived on just one meal a day to put the funds together, according to a report. They handed the donation to the district collector, with the help of the NGO Snehalaya, which focuses on AIDS and human trafficking…


Slippery Clay at Fault in 2011 Japan Earthquake

Slippery clay that looks like scaly black dragon skin is the crucial clue needed to explain the 2011 Japan earthquake’s surprising impact, according to three studies published today (Dec. 5) in the journal Science. Scientists now have four lines of evidence (including a February 2013 study also published in Science) that help explain why Japan’s earthquake-generating fault acted so weirdly during the 2011 temblor…


Earthquake Safety Door Adds Some Peace Of Mind


For those living in earthquake prone areas no amount of earthquake studies and new technology will make them feel at ease, but you can bet every little bit helps. This earthquake resistant door was built to protect you from the initial life-threatening damage that occurs during earthquakes, and to extend the time you can survive until rescuers arrive, in the case you got trapped under rubble. Classic earthquake survival theory states you should be under a solid doorway during a shake, and this device gives you extra incentive to do just that. It has a solidly built frame designed to stay braced against…


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