The Day the Earth Stood Still…and more

The Day the Earth Stood Still

day stood still

On Dec. 3, 1990, an earthquake was supposed to level the small town of New Madrid, Missouri and become one of the biggest natural disasters the country had ever experienced. The ensuing mayhem — and quiet — instead brought fleeting attention to a high-risk seismic zone in the heart of America that many people still don’t know exists…


‘Small army’ of insurers rush to Cumbria to help deal with Storm Desmond floods

Insurance companies are “mobilising a small army” of claims teams to work on rescue and recovery in the flood-damaged towns and cities in the wake of Storm Desmond. Malcolm Tarling, of the Association of British Insurers, said “quite a few companies had booked claims reps into the area as early as last week when there were predictions of this, so they were almost ready to move before it started raining”. The last time Cumbria faced floods of this scale, in November 2009, the total bill for insurers came to £174m, according to the ABI. The early stages of response to the storm have seen claims teams help find short-term accommodation for customers in the hotels and…


How mobile tech is improving global disaster relief

When war or natural disaster causes havoc around the world and millions of people are displaced or rendered homeless, communications and power infrastructures are often damaged or non-existent. Yet people are desperate to let their loved ones know they’re safe and to find out what’s going on. “The first questions people always ask when they arrive at a refugee camp are ‘Where can I charge my phone?’ and ‘Is there wi-fi?’,” says John Warnes, innovation specialist at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). “These often seem to be more….


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