Want to become agile? Learn from your IT team…and more

How companies can adapt to climate change

From the early days of seafaring trade, dealing with the weather has been an integral part of doing business. Today, however, concerns over climate change are taking this to a whole new level, and companies will have to adapt to growing regulatory, environmental, and consumer pressures. This is a daunting prospect. That may explain why, in a survey of S&P Global 100 companies by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, only 28 percent said they had done climate assessments, and an even smaller number (18 percent) said they use climate-specific tools or models to assess…


Want to become agile? Learn from your IT team

image source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-2xhBoY85NrQ/UaW9VPurNOI/AAAAAAAAAKQ/AxcRiJyTUPo/s1600/Picture1.png
image source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-2xhBoY85NrQ/UaW9VPurNOI/AAAAAAAAAKQ/AxcRiJyTUPo/s1600/Picture1.png

Digital technology allows disruptive business models to emerge and expand at previously unimaginable rates. For incumbents, this unlocks a Pandora’s box of uncertainties, with no sector unaffected. Most business leaders know this. But what those disruptions actually look like and which ones businesses should take seriously—that’s a tougher nut to crack. After all, the upheaval of the media, travel, and retailing sectors looks somewhat obvious in hindsight, but it was difficult to predict in advance. And seeing around corners only becomes harder as the pace of change accelerates. That’s why agility—the ability to react quickly to threats and opportunities—is an increasingly critical capability as companies seek to become digital to the core…


Millions fleeing climate-related disasters face legal limbo if they seek refuge abroad

Farmer Ajmad Miyah has given up on ever settling down again. Three years after the sea swallowed his home on the Bangladeshi coast, he still has no property or possessions, and survives by tilling other people’s fields in exchange for food. “I’ve accepted that this is reality,” the lean, 36-year-old Miyah said in the island district of Bhola, where the Meghna River spills into the Bay of Bengal. “My house will always be temporary now, like me on this Earth.” At least 19.3 million people worldwide were driven from their homes by natural disasters last year — 90 percent of which were related to weather events, according to the Geneva-based Internal Displacement…


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