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Ocean warming worsened 2011 floods: researchers…and more

Ocean warming worsened 2011 floods: researchers

Researchers have found long-term warming in the Pacific and Indian oceans played a role in making Queensland’s 2011 floods far worse than they otherwise would have been. The research, published in the American Geophysical Union’s Geophysical Research Letters, found the “warmer background state” in the water around Australia increased the likelihood of the extreme rainfall. The floods, nearly five years ago, claimed 35 lives, caused $2.38 billion in damage and flooded 28,000 homes. Lead researcher Caroline Ummenhofer from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution said surface ocean temperatures around Australia were on average half-a-degree warmer than they…


SA bushfire: Farmers hit by fires face years of land rehabilitation after $40m worth of crops lost

SA Fire House destroyed

Farmers hit by the bushfire in South Australia’s Mid North could be facing years of land rehabilitation to restore their properties. About $40 million of crops are thought to have been lost in the blaze north-east of Adelaide, but the fire has also razed the land — leaving farmers to battle erosion and top soil loss. The Insurance Council of Australia said the total insured losses from the fire was more than $88 million and a large part of was crop and farming claims…


Good beer is the newest victim of climate change

One of the most renowned Belgian beer brewers said Friday it is a victim of climate change because increasingly high temperatures have shortened the brewing season by about a month compared with the 1950s. The Cantillon gueuze brewery needs to cool its hot brew in open tanks so that the natural yeasts in the air can help produce the sour beer that has developed a niche following throughout the world. However, with temperatures staying as high as 15 C (59 F) at night during the past days, Cantillon has stopped brewing since it doesn’t want to use artificial refrigeration. “It is totally abnormal. We have those night temperatures…


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