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Weather catastrophes ‘have killed 600,000 in 20 years’…and more

World Bank unveils $16 billion business plan to boost climate resilience

The World Bank Group revealed that a new funding initiative has been implemented to enable African countries to adapt to climate change and develop protective measures to withstand future impacts. The multi-lateral development bank estimates that it will cost $5bn to $10bn per year to help Africa adapt to 2C warming – the limit countries have agreed to meet in order to prevent catastrophic climate change. The president of the institution, Jim Yong Kim, said, via statement, that the continent, specially the Sub-Saharan Africa region, is very vulnerable to climate change, which cause a wide range of problems, from child malnourishment to malaria outbreaks, prolonged droughts and surge in food prices. Of the 16.1 billion dollars that the ambitious plan proposes for fast-tracking climate adaptation, some 5.7 billion dollars are expected from the…


UN: Weather catastrophes ‘have killed 600,000 in 20 years’

The average number of weather disasters per year has risen drastically in past decades, the UN says, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. It again called for a landmark deal at upcoming climate talks in Paris…


Shrinking Alaskan village of Kivalina leaves locals fearing destiny as America’s first climate change refugees

shinkging island

As world leaders gather in Paris for the UN Climate Change Conference, Janet Mitchell in the United States will be worrying about how to feed her family during the winter. The Inupiat Eskimo community where she lives in western Alaska relies on hunting seals in the warmer months and drying their meat for the winter. “My own family, we need about 14 bearded seals,” she said. But this past summer hunting became impossible. “Our hunters couldn’t leave the island as it was jam packed with broken ice,” she said…



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