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SA farmer recounts close call with blaze…and more

Scientists Shocked (And Thankful) These Cyclones Missed Hawaii

Hawaii is a small target in the massive Pacific Ocean, but scientists are nevertheless impressed that the islands escaped a record-breaking cyclone season unscathed. To illustrate just how lucky the Aloha State has been, the National Weather Service released the below image, which combines the infrared imagery of 15 tropical cyclones in the Central North Pacific Basin this year…


SA farmer recounts close call with blaze

hay burning

South Australian farmer John Lush, who stayed to save his home from Wednesday’s bushfire north of Adelaide, says the flames climbed to more than 25m. “At the height of the fire, you couldn’t see anything. You couldn’t see the bullbar on the end of the ute.” Mallala farmer John Lush hunkered down to save his home from Wednesday’s bushfire raging north of Adelaide. “We tried to put it out and 10 seconds later behind you it’s alight again. You just couldn’t put it out. It was too intense,” he told ABC radio on Thursday. Mr Lush managed to save his home – and life – but only by the skin of his teeth. “I was out in the paddock and trying to put it out and got a call on the radio to get out,” he said. “The fire had come right around behind me and I only got out by the skin of my teeth.” Mr Lush waited out the fire on a gravel area near his house and watched the flames climb to more than 25 metres…


Siemens worried about economic fallout from terrorism

The head of German industry giant Siemens has said the Paris terror attacks are likely to have a big impact on investor sentiment across Europe. He argued that many companies may decide to postpone vital investments…



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