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Special coverage: Premier Jay Weatherill announces loss of lives from deadly SA bushfires

The devastating fire north of Adelaide which has killed at least two people and left 13 others in hospital remains out of control, with fires still burning near several townships. The Country Fire Service has urged people to remain on high alert as firefighters work within the fireground to extinguish spot fires while assessment teams have been dispatched to examine the full extent of its damage.

The fire burns near Mallala on Wednesday. Picture: Calum Robertson

The fire burns near Mallala on Wednesday. Picture: Calum Robertson

In its latest warning, the CFS says the fire “remains a going fire with sporadic fire activity across the entire fire-ground”.

“Fire activity remains around many townships including Owen, Hamley Bridge, Tarlee, Freeling, Wasleys, Kapunda, Greenock and surrounding areas,” it says.

“A significant volume of smoke can be expected around the fire-ground and may have an impact on visibility in surrounding areas and there remains the potential for structures to be impacted due to ongoing ember attack across the whole of the area impacted by fire.

“Members of the public are asked to remain vigilant for the potential for further damage to property and the fire remains uncontrolled.”




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