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Is climate change about to claim its first cities?..and more

Is climate change about to claim its first cities?


A new study suggests that by the end of the century, parts of the Middle East may become uninhabitable for human beings. Extreme heatwaves could create conditions in several Middle Eastern cities that would exceed the threshold of what human beings can endure. Scientists used what is known as ‘wet bulb temperature’ (WBT), the combination of temperature and humidity. At 35 degrees WBT, a combination of 45 degrees celsius and 50% humidity, “any exposure for more than six hours would probably be intolerable even for the fittest of humans”. That temperature was already almost reached in Iran earlier this year…


What are the economic consequences of climate change?

In a paper recently published in Nature, Marshall Burke, Solomon Hsiang, and Edward Miguel, economists based at Stanford and the University of California Berkeley, presented a new analysis of the relationship between historic temperature fluctuations and macroeconomic growth. Their conclusion delivers two blockbusters. First, in contrast to past studies, they argue that 21st century warming could lead to huge global-scale macroeconomic impacts. The best estimate from Burke and colleagues is that business as usual emissions throughout the 21st century will decrease…


Why men’s violence against women skyrockets after natural disaster

I’m often asked what I see as being the biggest issue facing women. I find it impossible to look past the egregious, pervasive and all too preventable violence that women face every day and in every country. It can be triggered or exacerbated by a disaster of some kind, like the earthquakes in Nepal earlier this year, but it is regrettably common to the everyday lived experience of women worldwide. We can debate semantics but, regardless of what you call it, ‘gender-based violence’, ‘violence against women’ or, what I believe to be the most accurate description, ‘men’s violence against women’ socially isolates women and predisposes them to inequality, discrimination, homelessness, poverty and further…


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