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Experts predict major natural disasters…and more

Snow falls on Pakistan’s shelterless quake victims


In his tiny house in Pakistan’s Chitral District, Rustam Shah has over the past two weeks hosted three separate families who were made homeless by last month’s earthquake. The magnitude 7.5 quake, its epicentre in neighbouring Afghanistan, struck on 26 October and at least 382 people are reported to have died across both countries, with around another 2,700 injured. Many residents of hard-hit districts like Chitral, in the border province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, are still sleeping in tents, while nighttime temperatures have dropped to around freezing and snow has begun to fall. People like Shah are opening their homes to provide families respite from the cold, if only for two or three nights. Shah said his…


Massive El Niño gains strength, likely to drench key California drought zone

One of the most powerful El Niños on record continues gathering strength and is looking increasingly likely to bring heavy rains to key Northern California areas that provide water for the rest of the state, according to a new forecast. There are better odds that the area around Lake Oroville, California’s second-largest reservoir, will have above-normal precipitation — now more than a 40% chance, up from a more than 33% chance in last month’s forecast. San Francisco now has more than a 50% shot of a wetter-than-average winter, up from a more than 40% probability. Los Angeles continues to have more than a 60% probability of a wet winter during the months of January, February and March. Officials are scrambling to prepare, including…


Experts predict major natural disasters

On the second day of the conference being held here on Friday, Sudeshna Chatterjee, CEO, ACE (Action for Children’s Environments), said: “Climate change will influence global warming and this will increase the frequency of natural disasters such as typhoons, cyclones, river floods and drought. And India being a country with a long coastline of over 7,500 km and with a number of rivers, people will be affected by cyclones and river floods and children will be worst affected.” According to Lars Bernd of UNICEF, by 2020, 175 million children across the globe are likely to be affected by climate change every year. “In the 1990s the effect of…



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