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Messaging App FireChat Expands to Indonesia…and more

Mobile Messaging App FireChat Expands to Indonesia

Mobile messaging app FireChat has proven its worth as a tool of protest and among large gatherings, such as concerts. Now it’s launching in Indonesia to show its utility among users with scattered Internet access or to aid communication during natural disasters. The free app allows users to communicate without cellular networks or Internet connections by essentially turning mobile phones into routers. It also helps speed communication among users when heavy use of mobile networks tends to slow or collapse connections. That happened during the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong and later in Paris, when a march following an…


Iloilo taps Japanese experts on disaster management

The Iloilo City government has tapped experts from Japan to strengthen the city’s disaster preparedness program. The disaster management team of Iloilo will undergo a five-day training program together with their Japanese counterparts. Part of the training is relief and rehabilitation. Local officials believe that while natural disasters are inevitable, self-discipline and sufficient information are the keys to better preparedness…


Lack of sleep puts lives of fire fighters in danger

lack of sleep

Lack of sleep during firefighting season is putting the lives of 4636 Warwick-Toowoomba volunteer firies on the line. Research and emergency services agencies are trying to find ways to shorten shifts during peak bushfire periods so our yellow army can get enough rest. A study into the work and sleeping habits of the nation’s paid and volunteer fire brigade members shows the longer they are on the ground the more impaired their decision-making abilities become…


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